About Us

"We were founded with a single vision ... to help small businesses and more importantly, their owners, achieve their lifelong dreams and aspirations."

Richard Lofters, Founder and President

Rich began his career working on top secret projects for navy defense contractors before moving to the world of finance. After spending over 30 years working for various top Wall Street firms he decided it was time to fulfill a lifelong dream of starting his own small business.

“I actually wanted to open a popular franchise but immediately discovered that obtaining funding through traditional bank loans was a non-starter.” 

“It was a classic chicken-and-egg scenario. The banks won’t finance you unless you are a well established business, but how do you become a well established business without appropriate financing?”

“I immediately saw a business opportunity to help small businesses obtain alternative financing”.

After months of research and networking, Rich built a portfolio of over 50 alternative financial lenders who are ready, willing and able to finance small businesses and commercial/residential real estate investors via alternative means.

CSB Capital Funding was founded in September 2023 with a vision of helping small businesses, and more importantly their owners, achieve their lifelong dreams and aspirations.

“We think outside the box. I listen very carefully to the needs of my clients and then together with my lenders come up with an appropriate solution. It’s rarely a one size fits all scenario. Each client is different and has their own personal story and unique needs. I pride myself on being able to find an appropriate solution for each client given where they are in their small business journey”

10 Reasons Why You Should Choose CSB Capital Funding

BankDirect Lenders
Paperwork> 3 Months Bank Statements
> No Tax Returns Required (in most cases)
> 2-3 Years Tax Return
> 2-3 Years Financials
> 3-6 Months Bank Statements
> 1 Year Tax Return
> 1 Year Financials
ApplicationOne Page> Lengthy
> Paper Intensive
Multi-Page Application
Number of Lenders50+11
Service LevelBusiness AdvisorProcessorProgrammatic
Approval ProcessHours/DaysWeeks/MonthsDays/Weeks
Speed to FundingHours/DaysMonthsDays/Weeks
Collateral RequirementsSometimes RequiredAlwaysSometimes Required
Business ProfitabilitySometimes RequiredLast 2 YearsSometimes Required
Credit Score650+ FICO720+ FICO700+ FICO
Credit CheckSoft PullHard PullHard Pull
> 3 Months Bank Statements
> No Tax Returns Required (in most cases)
Bank> 2-3 Years Tax Return
> 2-3 Years Financials
Direct Lenders> 3-6 Months Bank Statements
> 1 Year Tax Return
> 1 Year Financials
One Page
Bank> Lengthy
> Paper Intensive
Direct LendersMulti-Page Application
Number of Lenders
Direct Lenders1
Service Level
Business Advisor
Direct LendersProgrammatic
Approval Process
Direct LendersDays/Weeks
Speed to Funding
Direct LendersDays/Weeks
Collateral Requirements
Sometimes Required
Direct LendersSometimes Required
Business Profitability
Sometimes Required
BankLast 2 Years
Direct LendersLast 2 Years
Credit Score
650+ FICO
Bank720+ FICO
Direct Lenders700+ FICO
Credit Check
Soft Pull
BankHard Pull
Direct LendersHard Pull

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